1. Çankaya Auction House sells the goods of third parties by auction.
  2. You can bid on our products, online by registering on the website, written form, fax or confirmed telephone.
  3. The prices stated in this catalog are starting prices. Products below the starting prices are not sold.
  4. The highest bidder gets the item. If there is single bidder, gets the item at the starting price. If there are more than one, the highest number receives the lot by adding the following increments to the previous one.
  5. If two of the participants in the auction give the same bid on the same lot, the first bidder will be the winner. Prices stated in this catalog are starting prices. You can submit your bids online until the time indicated on the start page.
  6. The given bids cannot be withdrawn or cannot be reduced.
  7. In our auctions the bid increments are as follows;
From 10 TLto 20 TL:1 TL
From 20 TLto 100 TL:5 TL
From 100 TLto 200 TL:10 TL
From 200 TLto 500 TL:25 TL
From 500 TLto 1,000 TL:50 TL
From 1,000 TLto 2,000 TL:100 TL
From 2,000 TLto 5,000 TL:250 TL
From 5,000 TLto 10,000 TL:500 TL
From 10,000 TLto 20,000 TL:1,000 TL
From 20,000 TLto 50,000 TL:2,500 TL
From 50,000 TLto 100,000 TL:5,000 TL
Over 100,000 TL:10,000 TL
  1. The descriptions of declared lots are not binding and final. Our institution takes care to provide the most detailed and realistic information within the scope of the explanations and visuals. Lots are considered to have been examined by the recipient. It is therefore recommended that the lot be examined on site, if possible, and if not, contact us and ask for help for careful examination.
  2. The total price of the purchased lot(s) will be paid in advance. 20% auction commission and 18% VAT for the commission will be added to the hammer price. The postage / shipping charge will be paid by the buyer.
  3. Payments can be made by cash or wire transfer.
  4. Delivery of the items will be made after the payment. If payment is not made within 7 days we reserve the right to cancel the sale.
  5. In case of disputes arising from the sales contract realized at the auction, the company’s computer records, auction records and commercial documents and books are considered as definitive evidence exclusively and also without requiring oath.
  6. Our institution has the right not to register any person to the auction without any excuse, to cancel the registration of the registered ones, to cancel the sale on the basis of legal and payment reasons.
  7. We reserve the right to sell items by combining the lots of the items, put into the auction or to separate the lot or to withdraw some lots from the sale before or during the auction.
  8. Real persons and legal entities who participate in the auction and purchase more than 5000 TL will be identified in accordance with Law no. 4208.
  9. All rights of all the information published in our website or in our catalogs are reserved. It may not be published in whole or in part without our written permission.
  10. Information messages can be sent to your e-mail address and mobile phone number you provided during registration. If you do not want to receive them, you can send an SMS CANCEL or E-MAIL CANCEL text message to [email protected]
  11. Those who submit bids on our website are deemed to have accepted the conditions stated here.