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Privacy Policy

The term used “Personal Information” in this Privacy Policy refers to information that may identify you, including, but not limited to, your name, date of birth, e-mail address or postal address.

We, as ÇANKAYA AUCTION HOUSE, (hereinafter referred to as “ÇANKAYA AUCTION”). With this privacy policy, we aim to inform all our users about the use and disclosure of the Personal Information collected from the website As ÇANKAYA AUCTION, we value the privacy of our users and respect the concerns of our users regarding the privacy and security of the personal information shared with us. Therefore, the “Privacy Policy” is designed to protect your privacy and provide a secure experience in providing information, and will not use your personal information without the consent of the users. is committed to compliance with accepted privacy protection standards.

As ÇANKAYA AUCTION, we request that users read the current Privacy Policy before using the website or submitting your Personal Information to us. This privacy policy may be changed and/or renewed from time to time without notice for any reason. We may not warn you users about renewed contracts. However, in this case, install the updated version of the Privacy Policy will reflect those changes, we want to specify. For this reason, we encourage users to periodically review their knowledge of the updated Privacy Policy. We recommend that you check this privacy policy before each use, as you will be responsible for any changes made.

At ÇANKAYA AUCTION, with the permission of the users, he/she will use the Personal Information for the following purposes, in no case will he/she use it for any other purpose; To receive your orders, to offer our products and services, to make your payments, to contact you for the marketing of your orders, products and services, to update your information, to manage and maintain your membership, to propose products and services that may interest you, third party technical, logistics and other similar functions on our behalf , Sending publications, Sending newsletters or notifications by e-mail, Answering your questions and providing an effective customer service, Giving information about new content,

It is declared that, “Personal Information” shared by you, In any case will not be used for purposes other than the purposes and services provided here and if you do not wish to receive and consent to receive these commercial electronic messages delivered by ÇANKAYA AUCTION, you can click the Membership Profile link and exit the list. ÇANKAYA AUCTION will allow you to exit the mailing list. If you wish to terminate the receipt of these commercial electronic messages at any time separately from this link, you may contact ÇANKAYA AUCTION through the contact information provided on the Membership Profile page.

The Personal Information, which is provided on our website in order to provide these services to you, is for the purpose of the service in principle, and cannot be sold, rented or otherwise used to third parties and is not shared with third parties under any circumstances unless you request otherwise. However, ÇANKAYA AUCTION is authorized in accordance with current legislation, will share the information contained in your own duly vested in case of demand from administrative authorities and related authorities.

From the moment you use our website, you agree to use all information collected from you in the manner and for our reasons, as described in this privacy policy. The information obtained for the above purpose is provided to us by your own free will. Users are free to give us this Personal Information. However, in order to provide faster and more quality service to users, we recommend that they provide all the information requested from users on this website We also note that it is not possible to fulfill the request if the required information required by the requested service is not provided. It is the users’ responsibility to ensure that the information provided by the users is accurate and complete. Please do not provide incorrect, misleading or incomplete information. In such a case, ÇANKAYA shall not accept any responsibility in the AUCTION. In case of any damages caused to the ÇANKAYA AUCTION due to incorrect, misleading or incomplete information, the users have the obligation to compensate this loss.
This information related to any use will be made in Turkey. If you have any questions about this agreement or if you have any thoughts about the use or disclosure of your personal information, you can contact us at [email protected].

ÇANKAYA AUCTION takes technological and institutional measures in order to protect all Personal Information collected and transmitted in the auction and these measures are constantly updated and adapted according to technological development. We do not give an absolute guarantee of the confidentiality of Personal Information transmitted over the Internet, and we recommend that users take the highest possible measure when transmitting Personal Information over the Internet. All your credit card and personal information is encrypted with 128 Mbit with SSL Secure system which is the internet security standard. In this way, this information in any way during the circulation of the unwanted people or institutions are prevented from being seized.

As soon as ÇANKAYA AUCTION notices any violation, informs the users without delay, provides legal follow-up and ensures the security of their information in the best possible way.
ÇANKAYA AUCTION, with your support, will always keep your Personal Information up to date and accurate. However, in cases where your Personal Information requires deletion, modification or update, we kindly ask you to contact ÇANKAYA AUCTION through the [email protected] and so forward your requests.

This site is not suitable for children under 18 years. If a parent discovers that their child has entered personal information without their consent, he/she may share this personal information with us through the site. We do not knowingly request information from children under the age of 18. If we find that in any way a user under the age of 18 is sharing personal information with us, we will delete this information from the system.

For any questions and suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at the contact section of our website

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